The Pearl:

Class notes at the end of

Chapter three.

The following lecture notes were given in class on 9-27-04:

I. Ignorance:

    A. "Knowledge is power."  --Bacon

    B. Ignorance = not knowing.  Lacking intelligence is different than being ignorant.  Kino and Juana are ignorant but not dumb.

    C. Examples of ignorance being a problem for Kino and Juana:

        1. The doctor poisons Coyotito.

        2. The pearl buyers will rip off Kino. 

    D. Who is ignorant and thus powerless? The Mexicans.

        Who has knowledge and thus power? The Spanish.

II. Coyotito:  The baby represents the Mexican people:

    A. In being ignorant, the baby is innocent.

    B. In that he can not defend himself, the baby is powerless.

    C. Kino will use the pearl to educate Coyotito.  The baby represents a hopeful future.